The Company

At StrongHold Capital Partners, we look at finance and investment strategies differently. We fortify your finances and strategize so that you can retire properly and feel confident in the legacy that you have built. Fortifying your legacy is personal to us. We are a competitive, innovative, forward-thinking firm balanced with integrity and the need to always do what’s right. Each of our clients have different dreams, goals, portfolios and risk tolerances. Personalizing our services to not only meet but to exceed your financial goals is where we advance.

The Founders

Jason Stock, Co-founder

After recognizing the major downfalls of being confined to a massive financial firm. Jason wanted access to the best financial tools and the companies that were the best at what they did. “No single company is the best at everything. I needed to be able to cherry pick that one thing a certain company is great at and use them for that purpose in my clients portfolios. This way each piece of my clients' portfolios are able to have the best available option working for them.”

Jason graduated in Finance from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and has been utilized as a resource in publications for studies done by some of the most prestigious institutions such as Yale University on various retirement and investment strategies. He is a big advocate of continuing education and surrounding himself with other successful people in the business and nationally recognized influencers. “I knew from the first day I got into the business that I needed to work my way into the circles of the best because that is who I wanted to be and learn from. I would not be where I am today without the mentorship received from those men and women in the beginning of my career and still to this day.”

Jason believes strongly that being a great advisor and financial professional is more than designing the best strategy, it’s about establishing lasting relationships with each client because the financial needs of most people change with life. “My clients know that I pride myself on honesty, integrity, trust, education and ALWAYS doing what’s best for them. My commitment is to my clients and their success; always has been and always will be.”

He and his 3 energetic, wonderful boys reside in Gilbert, Arizona. He enjoys golfing, weight training, traveling and spending time with his boys.

Blake Essary, Co-founder

Blake has helped his clients achieve their goals by specializing in tax planning, retirement income planning, insurance planning, and helping them create a personalized roadmap for their retirement. He recognizes that no two clients are ever alike, and that understanding the individual situation and goals of every client is key to creating a financial roadmap that is unique to each one’s situation, goals, and dreams. Blake has co-founded StrongHold Wealth Partners, an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm in Scottsdale, AZ in order to have access to the best resources in the industry for his clients and their unique needs. He believes that paramount to everything else, honesty, integrity, and always putting the client first is key to his success.

Prior to entering the financial services industry, Blake developed his passion for helping individuals as a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of experience in the medical field. Most of that time was spent in the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Services. “My love of helping people was absolutely established while working as a Registered Nurse. I used to help people with their physical health, and now I get to help people with their financial health.”

He also developed his love of teaching while working in the medical field. “As a Registered Nurse, a very large and important part of the role is focused on patient education. Education is just as critical in the financial sector. I have loved partnering with with non-profit organizations because it has allowed me to continue my love of teaching and provided a great platform to communicate financial principles to my community.”

Blake is an Arizona native, and is married to his lovely wife Jami. Together they have 2 children, Rylan and Brynlee. They love to spend time in Arizona’s great outdoors as a family any chance they get. They enjoy such activities as hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, or just hitting a dirt road for a drive in their Jeep.

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